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Posted by Aaron on April 20TH 2024

tattoo removal before and after

We remove dodgy brows

Progress after 4 treatments. Ink colour changes are common on these and depending on application technique they can be surprisingly deep. These have responded really well

Posted by Aaron on August 31ST 2023

tattoo removal before and after

Natalie is a bit of a star, but that doesn't mean she wants them all over her thigh

Nearly there with this one. Next appointment booked for 6 months time for some Erbium resurfacing to polish and finish

Posted by Aaron on July 13TH 2023

tattoo removal before and after

We've been pinging a lot of warts recently

Many of our customers tell us that they've tried for years to get rid of these things. We generally remove them in 1 or 2 treatments

Posted by Aaron on July 6TH 2023

tattoo removal before and after

Here we are 4 weeks after treatment, and still some healing to be done

It’s aggressive but it works

Posted by Aaron on July 4TH 2023

Pinging Kieran's cherry angioma on a Tuesday morning.

We hit his wee vascular lesion 3 times, but it's a bit of a thicc boy and may need another treatment in a few weeks

Posted by Aaron on May 23TH 2023

tattoo removal before and after

Wee underboob before and after a few visits to highland laser clinic + a little bit of sunshine

Now the unwanted tattoo is out of sight, out of mind ☀️

Only 8 treatments on this one

Posted by Aaron on May 23TH 2023

tattoo removal before and after

Just like that, the worlds shortest piece of sheet music is no more

10 treatments on this one

Posted by Aaron on May 13TH 2023

Bikini hair removal after treatment

Taken just after Hollywood Bikini hair removal treatment number 6 and smooth AF

Posted by Aaron on May 3RD 2023

Vein removal before and after

An update on this gentleman who got some hyperpigmentation from his first vein removal session

6 months later and those wee brown marks have completely resolved. 

A couple of stubborn veins remain, which we hit for a third time after this pic was taken. It’s not unusual for chunky veins like these to reoccur to some extent, but they typically come back thinner and shorter than before and are far less visible

He is genuinely delighted with his outcome

Posted by Aaron on May 2ND 2023

Tattoo removal before and after

Just 8 treatments on this wee star, then a long gap for Covid

I think it’s fair to say that tattoo removal isn’t Natalie’s favourite thing in the world, but she’s stuck with it and has the results to show for it

We’re still working on the bigger one on her leg, but we’re in the end game with that now and it won’t be long

Posted by Aaron on April 29TH 2023

Tattoo removal before and after

This tattoo was done with a cheap Chinese kit off ebay. We've met these before, and the ink is weird. This tattoo went black on the first pass and needed a combination of Ruby 694 and Nd:YAG 1064 Q-Switch laser as part of our advanced SuperStack treatment protocol

An innocuous looking tattoo, but carried some bad memories and needed deleted

Everyone has their own reason for removing a tattoo, and we’re there to help those people

Posted by Aaron on April 28TH 2023

Skintag removal before and after

This lady absolutely hated this thing, particularly when people stared at it while they were talking to her

Gone in a single treatment, this picture is taken 8 weeks later

There’s a wee bit of hyperpigmentation at the attachment site, but we would expect this to improve with time, and resurfacing is an option if it is persistent

Posted by Aaron on April 26TH 2023

Erbium laser resurfacing - Trust the process

Recovery is in 1 to 2 weeks and the treatment brings a whole host of benefits:

 Reduces signs of aging by promoting collagen production

 Improves skin texture, tone, and coloration

 Safe and effective with minimal downtime and side effects

 Provides long-lasting results for several years

Posted by Aaron on April 4TH 2023


We charge a £30 cancellation fee for all appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 72 hours of your appointment time.

No charge is made for cancellations or reschedules outwith of 72 hours.

Posted by Aaron on March 7TH 2023

Quanta laser tips and handpieces

We invest in world class equipment to give you the best possible result while keeping you safe

Posted by Aaron on March 4TH 2023

Venous lake treatment before and after

Wee venous lake treatment on this beauty to round the week off

After pic is directly after treatment, good colour change, these often go jet black for a few days. There is some swelling already, but this will resolve fairly quickly.

It might need another ping in 8 weeks, time will tell

Posted by Aaron on March 1ST 2023

Skin tag removal before and after

The result of our recent training with AES / Quanta after 2 treatments

Our client is very happy she’s lost so many tags. She will be back soon help us refine our techniques

We have now launched this as a service: Skin Tag Removal

Posted by Aaron on February 16TH 2023

Wart removal before and after

Monster wart removal!

I thought this one was going to need 2 or 3 treatments, but gone with one blast
When we kill all that infected material it sloughs off to leave a socket of healthy tissue. It takes a wee bit of time for the skin to remodel and heal that flat, but this is a result of having a massive wart, not the wart removal per se

He had tried lots of other types of treatment to get rid of this thing, none of them worked until he came to us

Great result and a happy man

Posted by Aaron on February 1ST 2023

Training day at Highland Laser Clinic. We were fortunate to have the skilled and lovely Annele from AES taking us through Erbium laser resurfacing with our new Quanta System equipment

And our training model was the lovely Anita who is a dermatology nurse! What a team.

New services coming soon 💙

Posted by Aaron on January 19TH 2023

Vein removal before and after

This lady in for treatment number 2 on her facial thread vein. Great start with marked reduction in redness and focal veins

Will look even better after yesterday's treatment

Get in touch if you want some of these life changing results

Posted by Aaron on November 4TH 2022

Tattoo removal coverup before and after

9 treatments on Murray's monster tribal to get it to a point where something more fun could be put on top by Neotokyo Tattoo

Perseverance is essential to get the result with these kinds of tattoo

Can't wait to see it finished!

Posted by Aaron on October 7TH 2022

We don't accept American Express

As from today we no longer take American Express

It's expensive, and they're crap at invoicing so we can't be bothered with them any more

Posted by Aaron on September 27TH 2022

Vein removal before and afterVein removal before and after

Maggie looks like a completely different person. Good to see her today for a top up vein removal treatment 😊

Posted by Aaron on September 24TH 2022

Solar Lentigo removal before and after

Fun wee job to end the week finishing off this solar lentigo. Great results from her first treatment - she's a happy lady!

Posted by Aaron on September 15TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

One from the archives. We lost track of this gentleman during Covid lockdowns, but pretty sure that tattoo will be completely gone by now

You can continue to get removal of your tattoo for up to 12 months after each treatment

Posted by Aaron on September 8TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

We haven't seen Jennifer for 5 years, but back for some more #tattooremoval, and we gave this one a hit while we were at it. She tells us we’ve changed her life

Thanks for the singing! 🎤💃🏻

Posted by Aaron on August 25TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

Thank you so much to Rachel for coming back to us so we could photograph your flawless removal

Very pleased we got the result for you 💙

Posted by Aaron on August 16TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

Our Ruby laser operating in the 694nm wavelength can remove green and light blue ink that is impossible to treat with conventional Nd:YAG lasers

Posted by Aaron on August 10TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

Tattoos often come with a whole load of baggage and can act as a persistent reminder of people or events that you’d rather leave behind in your past. Becca opened her heart to us about thisto us, and gave us permission to share it publicly.

Posted by Aaron on August 8TH 2022

Tattoo removal before and after

This lady wanted rid of this for her wedding day, and we pretty much succeeded. Congratulations Marion! 💒

Very nearly gone - we'll give her another treatment in 6 months time and we should be finished then 

Posted by Aaron on August 6TH 2022

Hand tattoo removal

Boom! ✨

Hand tattoos can be a bit slow, this is a fairly awesome result

Posted by Aaron on July 15TH 2022

Camcorder rotated 90 degrees

Our Pro Camcorder project is complete at last

We made a policy decision to shoot everything in 9 x 16 from here on in, and it's surprisingly complex to rotate a video camera 90 degrees!

If you'd like your treatment videoed and made into a wee film for out socials please let us know 😁

Many thanks to Ffordes Photographic and 3 Legged Thing for all of your support through this 💙

Posted by Aaron on July 12TH 2022

Date removal

We're in the endgame now - 8 treatments in, a few more to go

If you are wearing similar baggage, come see us and get it sorted. We'll take good care of you

Posted by Aaron on July 8TH 2022

Dodgy lillies

This tattoo probably has had enough laser, we'll review it again in 6 months

We've worked with this gentleman for years removing naive artwork so that he can replace them with quality modern tattoos, great guy

Posted by Aaron on July 7TH 2022

Carr family

We're back, rested, and ready to attend to all of your laser needs again

Thank you for your patience 💙

Posted by Aaron on June 17TH 2022

Sun tattoo removal before and after

11 Treatments in. Wee bit of ink left and some erythema, but that will clear up over the next few months

Posted by Aaron on June 11TH 2022

military tattoo

This ugly thing had basically been carved into his arm

4 laser treatments and an awesome coverup by Tattooholic and you'd never know it was there

Za naszą i waszą wolność ❤️

Posted by Aaron on June 3RD 2022

Treating stick and poke tattoos today. Ciara was great fun

Posted by Aaron on June 1ST 2022

military tattoo

Trad military tattoos are always a challenge, but can be removed with our ruby laser

A bit of hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin) is inevitable with all of those colours, but this will reduce and blend over the next couple of years

All in, a great result!

Posted by Aaron on May 28TH 2022

fake tan

In the last week we have had to turn away 3 clients because they have fake tan or makeup on the areas to be treated or patch tested

We communicate this requirement to you at the time of booking, in your booking confirmation emails, and with each reminder email you receive

If we use lasers on you while wearing fake tan or makeup you would be at a very high risk of adverse reactions and also the treatment wouldn't work

You need to trust us that we are going to provide you with safe and effective treatments. But at the same time we need to trust you that you will cooperate with the treatment plan and listen to what we say

Posted by Aaron on May 27TH 2022

radiotherapy tattoos

These are the marks of a survivor

Some folk like to keep them in tribute to the hard times, others prefer to move on and erase them

If you are the latter, we treat these for free, as many times as it takes. Get in touch


Posted by Aaron on May 21ST 2022

laser facial before and after

Follicular oedema - this is a clinical end point for hair removal. In other words, it shows us that the treatment is working!

But don't worry, it only lasts about 30 minutes. By the time we'd finished the other leg it had come down already

Lasers > Razors

Posted by Aaron on May 19TH 2022

insane coverup

We're very proud to have played our small part in this masterpiece by Kenny

Awesome work by the artist, and a brave man to sit for it!

We performed 6 laser treatments to the dodgy dragon over a 12 month period to prepare for the new tattoo. We recommend at least 6 months, and preferably 12 months between laser and your new ink, but that decision is really between you and your artist. Because of lockdown chaos this gentleman actually went 2 years between his last laser and completion of his silverback tattoo.

Posted by Aaron on May 14TH 2022

cherry angioma on chin nearly gone after a single treatment

Jen back to finish off her cherry angioma - great result regardless of it needing another ping today

Posted by Aaron on May 13TH 2022

can you-boost-your-immune-system-to-prevent-coronavirus-spread-x--pe53uo2f5sc9u024617u33o6ztmvk7fjlz92peyzd6

This mostly revolves around boosting your immune system so it can more effectively remove ink

Posted by Aaron on May 10TH 2022

Cheeky wee thigh tattoo treatment today on this pistol packing femme fatale

Many thanks to Shelley for letting us film her treatment

Posted by Aaron on May 5TH 2022

We have the equipment and the know-how to treat facial threadveins safely and help you to keep looking your best

Many thanks to Anne for letting us film her treatment

Posted by Aaron on May 3RD 2022

spotting cowbows

We do free umbilicus hair removal with every bikini line, brazilian or hollywood bikini treatment. Doesn't feel like we've done the job properly otherwise!

Many thanks to surfer model Rhiannon for the tummy pic 

Posted by Aaron on June 12 2021

spotting cowbows

Undergoing laser procedures is a fairly daunting thing for many people. There’s a whole lexicon of terminologies and brand names and lots of breathless claims about how a provider can radically change your life and fix all of your problems. How do you filter the nonsense from the reality? How do you know you’re getting value for money? How do you know that you’re going to be safe? How do you spot the cowboys?


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