Our Story

Aaron Carr
Melanie Carr

Hi there. We are a husband and wife team operating from a small clinic attached to our home in Torbreck, Inverness.

We started Highland Tattoo Removal in August 2015 and since then have become established as the premier tattoo removal service in the North of Scotland with many satisfied customers from the local area and as far afield as Shetland, the Western Isles, Aberdeen and the Central Belt.

In 2019 we rebranded to Highland Laser Clinic to reflect our diversified laser services. We use cutting edge Italian built Quanta technology.


Aaron is the Clinical Director of Highland Laser Clinic Ltd and delivers all treatments within the clinical area.

Safety is our number one priority, and Aaron draws on 20 years of critical care experience to inform his practice. He has 8 years experience of delivering advanced laser treatments from our slowly growing menu of procedures.

Although no longer a registered Nurse, Aaron has retained the nursing model in his approach and will always advise you in your best interests 


Melanie has been a professional actress in the past, clowned about the stage in the 90’s, then continued to use scripts in telephone market research work discussing important topics with top level corporate executives across the globe.

Throughout all her past work she has realised the importance of speaking to people and as Communications Director for Highland Laser Clinic she is committed to answering your queries efficiently, effectively, and most importantly quickly. She still is a bit of a fool however and like to have a laugh whenever possible.

As your primary point of contact she will try to give you a relaxed and informative person to deal with.

Business Model


Aaron draws upon his extensive medical training to keep you safe. Our supplier provides advanced training, support and clinical supervision where needed. We patch test all clients before treatment and we are fully insured.

Unfortunately the vast majority of aesthetic laser procedures are completely unregulated in Scotland. Anyone can legally buy a cheap Chinese laser off the internet and start offering treatments without any real idea of what they are doing, or the considerable risk that they pose to trusting members of the public. We see the damage caused by cowboys depressingly often, particularly with tattoo removal.


We will only ever offer procedures which we believe are effective, safe and which have a good chance of providing the results that you expect or hope for. We discuss all risk factors in detail before seeking your consent for procedures. We pride ourselves in offering plain and honest advice as impartially as we can. There is no hard sell.


Highland Laser Clinic is a fully equipped modern facility. It is also attached to our family home hidden in the woods of Torbreck up a leafy single track lane on the edge of Inverness.

We prefer to invest in world class technology rather than a boutique clinic on the high street with receptionists, retail and all the costs that entails. This allows us to offer highly competitive prices given the quality of the service on offer.