Vein Removal

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World leading dual laser technology to safely and effectively remove visible veins

Typically gone in 1 to 3 sessions

 Prices from £60 per session

Medically trained operator

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Please note that laser treatment is for thread veins and vascular lesions with vessels up to 2mm in diameter. Unfortunately it is not appropriate for varicose veins which usually require a surgical approach

The premium choice for the treatment of telangiectasia, thread vein and spider veins in the North of Scotland.

We use the world leading Quanta Duetto MT laser system. This uses two pulses of amplified light from 2 separate lasers in quick succession to first coagulate blood in the problem vessel, and then destroy the vessel itself while sealing it off safely

Our Zimmer cryotherapy machine blows very cold air onto the area before and during treatment to minimise discomfort

Folk in the Highlands are prone to visible thread veins especially on the nose and cheek. An outdoor lifestyle, the Scottish weather and cosy houses conspire to make these fairly common. Thread veins also often occur on the legs and other parts of the body

Vein Removal After

Pre Treatment Advice

4 Weeks prior to treatment

Do not expose the skin to strong sunlight, sunbeds or self tanning applications for at least 4 weeks before each laser Treatment

1 Week prior to treatment

No waxing, plucking or threading for at least one week before each treatment

Avoid intense exfoliation, microdermabrasion or peels

Do not use any form of Retinol or Alpha Hydroxic Acid products (AHA’s)

24 Hours leading up to treatment

Do not use bleaching creams or perfumed products

Make sure area being treated is cleanly shaved 24hours prior to treatment

Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water

Hydrate the body by drinking plenty of water

Protect the skin from sun exposure with suitable clothing and use sun block SPF 30+ before first treatment
and between subsequent treatment sessions, but do not use sun blocking creams in the 24 hours before each treatments


Spider veins and thread veins can remove fairly instantly with only a wee bit of redness and swelling for a couple of days. Other times, the vessel can bleed slightly under the skin leading to bruising and this can take a few weeks to reabsorb. You have to be prepared for this, particularly if considering getting treatment for thread veins to your face. Once healing is complete we anticipate that you will be pleased by the result and will consider any inconvieniance well worth it. 

I strongly recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for 48hrs after treatment in order to maintain a low blood pressure and mitigate risks of bruising from treated veins.

Initially treated areas will appear red and swollen. After 48 hours, the skin over the treated veins may look slightly red, purple, or bruised. An antimicrobial ointment will need to be applied twice a day to the affected areas until healed. Some blistering or crusting is possible but uncommon. Veins will often be more visible than they were prior to treatment - this is normal. Within the first two to three weeks, the redness and purple colour will begin to fade.

Each week, the colour will become lighter and the veins will become less noticeable. After six weeks, if any veins are still visible, another laser vein removal treatment will be necessary. The treated area must be treated with care and protected from strong sunlight during this time.

Full aftercare instructions will be provided after your treatment.