Terms & Conditions

Prices estimated from photographs are very occasionally subject to adjustment either upwards or downwards on assessment during your consultation.

We try to keep your price constant throughout your course of treatment. However, if your last visit was over a year ago, we may decide to re-quote the price.

Courses of treatment paid in advance are subject to expiry 24 months from date of payment.

Treatment fees and courses of treatment bought in advance are not refundable.

We do not negotiate on price or offer credit terms.

We charge a £30 cancellation fee for all appointments cancelled or rescheduled within 72 hours of your appointment time

No charge is made for cancellations or reschedules outwith 72 hours

We prioritise safety over any commercial interests we may have. Very occasionally we also have to prioritise safety over the express wishes of the client.

This means that in rare circumstances we may not be able to provide the laser treatment services you wish to purchase from us.

Any offers of treatment are dependent on a full consultation and a clinical assessment process. Sun tans, make up or other product applied to the treatment area, symptoms of unconnected medical issues or temporary courses of medication are all common reasons to defer treatment to a later date.

If we feel unable to conduct a full assessment due to a client being unwilling or unable to provide relevant information frankly and openly, we will be unable to progress to treatment.

If we think risks are too high, treatment is unlikely to be successful or otherwise not in the best interests of the client according to our assessment, we will respectfully refuse treatment.

These terms and conditions are subject to reasonable change without notice.