We searched for the highest quality and most innovative manufacturer in the world and after much research chose Quanta as our supplier of Aesthetic laser technology. This Italian company is genuinely cutting edge with a massive research division to develop design, specifications and treatment protocols. Quanta is a premium brand and are world leaders in aesthetic laser technology.

We currently have 2 platforms which boast a total of 5 different laser sources and multiple modalities

Quanta Q-Plus C EVO

This is an active Q-Switched platform with both Nd:YAG and Ruby native laser sources which produce extraordinarily short bursts of amplified laser light. This system is designed specifically for:

  •  Multicolour Tattoo Removal

  • Pigmentation Removal

  •  Rejuvenation

  •  Fractional Skin Resurfacing

The Ruby laser really sets this system apart. This laser source can remove Light Blue and Green tattoo inks which other lasers can’t touch.

The fractional hand piece for the Nd:YAG laser allows for non-abaltive skin resurfacing and scar reduction with minimal downtime. We use this functionality daily as part of our SuperStack tattoo removal treatment protocol.

Quanta Duetto MT EVO

The Quanta Duetto MT is a pulsed laser system with both Nd:YAG and Alexandrite native sources. In a world first Quanta has engineered this system so that both lasers can be fired simultaneously to produce a synergenistic effect that they call Mixed Technology. Laser sources can also be used consecutively or alone.

This system allows fine control of pulse width which makes it far more versatile and more powerful than competing diode lasers or IPL. This system has a range of applications:

  • Hair Removal

  •  Treatment of Telangiectasia (Thread veins)

  •  Wart & Verucca Removal

  •  Skin Tag Removal

Quanta Erbium 2940

This is an ablative laser with a powerful fractional modality that allows us to effect:

  •  Scar reduction 

  •  Resurfacing treatments

  • Laser Facials

  •  Reduction of lumps and bumps

iCool Cold Air Blower

The iCool is a UK built high power skin chilling machine. This blows cold air down to -30℃ on to the laser site before during and after treatment to:

  •  Reduce discomfort caused by the laser procedure

  •  Remove heat from the treatment site and reduce side effects

Purex HEPA Extractor

Our medical grade extraction machine is fitted with an H14 HEPA filter and is proven to remove 99.7% of entrained particles below 0.3 microns.

  •  Reduces odours created by hair removal

  •  Protects against inhaled HPV during our wart and verruca treatments

  •  Mitigates risks of cross infection

  •  Helps keep dust out of our precision optics