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Scar Reduction

 We recommend 3 to 6 sessions each at least 8 weeks apart

 Safe & effective treatment to reduce the visibility of scars

 We can treat traumatic scars, surgical scars, acne scarring, self harming scars and tattoo removal related scarring

 Prices from £100 per treatment

Few of us get through life without a few scars, and usually they don’t really matter. But if it bothers you, we have the means to reduce the appearance of them.

We use fractional Erbium laser resurfacing. This treatment essentially removes the top layer of your skin including scar tissue while stimulating the growth of new collagen deep within your tissues. These effects remodel your skin and smooth visible scarring away.

There is minimal discomfort during treatment. Directly after treatment we cool the area with cold air for 10 to 15 minutes. You will experience a hot feeling on your skin and some tenderness for a week or so.

This is a fairly aggressive treatment, and it’s important that you put time aside for healing and recovery, particularly if it is in an area which is subject to stress or friction during work or every day activities.


Pre Treatment Advice

For 4 weeks prior to treatment

•  Do not expose the skin to strong sunshine, sun-beds, or fake tan for at least 4 weeks before, and between laser treatments. We can not treat you if you are tanned.

In the week prior to treatment

•  No waxing, plucking or threading for at least one week before each treatment

•  Avoid intense exfoliation, microdermabrasion or peels

In the  24 hours prior to treatment

•  Do not use perfumed products on the area to be treated

•  If necessary, make sure area being treated is cleanly shaved 24hours prior to treatment

On the day of treatment

•  Avoid swimming in chlorinated water immediately before treatment

•  Don’t be hungry, or thirsty, don't be hung-over or just worked a nightshift

•  You may choose to take paracetamol an hour before treatment to help mitigate treatment associated pain if that’s a safe drug for you to use, but please do not consume aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s)

•  Please do not have any kind of product on the area to be treated on the day of treatment, including fake tan

Post Treatment Advice

In the 2 days post treatment

•  We will provide intensive cooling following treatment

•  Shortly after treatment, you will experience an intense heating sensation for 1 to 2 hours, this effect is part of the clinical action of the treatment. Please have cold packs available in your freezer to use at home if needed

• Please use Cicaplast ointment as required

•  Some slight crusting and scabbing is unavoidable. Do not pick scratch or otherwise irritate the treated area

•  Some swelling will occur and will peak about 24 hours after treatment

•  If any unusual side effect occurs, contact Highland Laser Clinic immediately to arrange aftercare

•  Avoid makeup

For 1 week post treatment

•  Moisturise intensively using Cicaplast. Later this can be substituted to a more conventional moisturiser e.g. E45

•  Avoid all heat treatments including hot baths, saunas, steam rooms and take care when showering

•  No shaving, waxing, plucking or threading for at least 1 week after treatment

•  No swimming in chlorinated water

•  Avoid Makeup

In the 2 Weeks post treatment

•  Avoid intense exfoliation, microdermabrasion or peels

•  Do not use Retinoids, AHA’s, BHA’s or other intensive skin treatments

•  Do not use fake tan

In the 8 Weeks post treatment

•  Use sun protection SPF30+

•  Limit sun exposure and do not use tanning beds until all pinkness has subsided. We will be unable to give you further treatments if you are tanned

Ongoing support is part of the service that Highland Laser Clinic provides, any questions or concerns please get in touch