Coronavirus Management at Highland Laser Clinic


Covid is still a thing, and will remain so for the rest of our lives.

A clean environment is important for laser procedures and we will continue to take care in ensuring everything you come in contact with is maintained to a good standard of hygeine. However, we are no longer taking specific measures to stop the spread of Covid at this time.

You are welcome to wear a mask to your appointment. Obviously if we are treating your face, you will have to remove it for this part of your procedure. Your operator will not normally wear a mask, but will put one on at your request, no questions asked.

We will update this page if any new advice or guidelines are put in place.

Measures To Keep You Safe

 Only one unaccompanied person to visit at a time please
 Please avoid bringing unneccessary stuff into the clinic with you such as bags and coats
 You will be asked to gel your hands with alcohol rub
 Please wear an appropriate face covering over your nose and mouth during your visit. Please avoid touching or removing your mask while in the clinic unless required for assessment or treatment.
 A powerful Medical grade fume extractor will be used during your treatment to remove and dispose of any laser plume generated
 Because the WC is within our home, we apologise that we are UNABLE TO PROVIDE TOILET FACILITIES. Please use the toilet before you come to the clinic
 Your operator will wear appropriate PPE
 Treatment may be refused at the discretion of your operator if it is considered unsafe to you or a staff member.
 Payment via credit or debit card is preferred
 Extra time is scheduled before and after your appointment to fully disinfect all equipment and the clinical area

About our Medical Grade HEPA Extraction Machine

HEPA filter machine

Research has shown that viruses such as coronavirus travel attached to moisture particles produced when talking or coughing. They may also be released during laser procedures.

Aerosols produced by people when they breathe, talk and cough are generally between about 0.7 microns to around 10 microns. Our medical grade extraction machine is fitted with H14 HEPA filters. H14 is proven to filter 99.7% of particles below 0.3 microns

HEPA filters well exceed the 95% of filtration that N95 masks can provide. In fact, HEPA filters match the FFP3/N100 level of filtration.

Using the extraction arm allows contaminants to be captured at source.